How to Scan for Beacons via React Mobile Application

AJ Kayar
AJ Kayar
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If you are missing beacons in common areas or in guest-rooms and you need to determine where to place your new beacons, you can use the React Mobile Hospitality Mobile Application to identify beacons closest to a given location.

With your mobile device go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download React Mobile Hospitality Application. Log in to the application as a user (please note that only Admin and Installer roles can scan for beacons.). Please verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device settings and enabled on the React Mobile Hospitality Application. 


Once you log in:


1. Go to the Beacons tab. By default, you will see the filter for All Beacons.


2. Tap on All Beacons and select Nearby Beacons.

3. You will see all the registered and unregistered beacons near you.

4. You will see a number next to beacons in the list. This number is the signal strength. When you are closer to the beacon, this signal will be a higher number. (For example, -64 is a stronger signal than -75).

5.  Walk around the location you would like to place a beacon and observe the screen. It will refresh every 5 seconds to show you the correct signal strengths from beacons.


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