React Mobile – How to Update Beacon Firmware (2.0)

Kate Rosamond
Kate Rosamond
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Checking Firmware Settings

The first step to updating beacon firmware is to determine your current firmware settings. After logging into the online portal as an admin level user, select the “Settings” tab in the top right.

If there are any beacons registered to the property (other than estimotes) you will notice them listed below “Firmware Settings”. This will list a Hardware type (beacons), Subtype (type of beacon), and Target Version. Selecting the Target Version of your beacon’s row will allow you to choose firmware type and update settings. Listed will be options of “Do Not Update”, “Auto Update to Latest Stable Build”, and a couple of our latest firmware versions. The target version should be set to “Auto Update”. If it isn’t already, change it and then select “Apply Changes” below the table.



Updating Firmware

            Now that you have the Firmware settings correctly set up, log into the React Mobile Hospitality App on your phone. You need to login in as either an admin or installer level user, beacon updates require access to the beacons tab. Ensure that your Bluetooth and location are both turned on and have their permissions enabled for the React Mobile Hospitality App.


            After opening the beacons tab, select the “All Beacons” button at the bottom of the screen. Then select the “Old Firmware beacons” sorting option. The app will now display any nearby beacons with an older firmware than the Target Version selected in the property settings. Selecting the “Update” button in the top right of the screen will now start updating these older firmware beacons that are within Bluetooth range.


The updating process takes around a minute per beacon. Attempts to update beacons at the edge of Bluetooth range (typically signal >90) may fail. Depending on your properties’ building materials and beacon placement locations, you can often update beacons from the hallways outside of rooms. You may even be able to update multiple floors at the same time. To expedite the process, stand outside or inside of a room listed in the “Old Firmware beacons” beacons list. Select Update, then stay in that location until all older firmware beacons within Bluetooth range have successfully updated. Once updated, the next time the beacon checks in it will no longer be listed when viewing the “Old Firmware Beacons” beacons list. The beacons don’t immediately update their information after a firmware update, come back within range after ~20 minutes.


Checking Firmware

            To make sure you have successfully updated all your beacons, log back into the React Mobile portal and view the Beacons tab. The beacon information will be accurate as of the last check, viewable in the far-right column. Beacons can check in by either having an LTE button or the react mobile app with an open beacons tab be brought within their Bluetooth range. If using the app it will be immediate, while buttons may delay updating beacon information by a couple hours due to privacy concerns. If the beacon has checked in after the firmware update, the firmware column will no longer have a red icon.



            To check which beacons still need their firmware updated, sort the table by either selecting firmware in the sorting option at the top of the screen, or by clicking on “Firmware” at the top of the firmware column. Beacon health is affected by firmware version, check in, and battery level. Any beacons that still have an older firmware version will also list a “Moderate” health level.

            Should you have any trouble updating beacon firmware, please reach out to our react mobile support team.


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