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This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the different user roles within the React Mobile Portal & The React Mobile Hospitality 2.0 application (RMH App). It outlines the specific access permissions associated with each role. Understanding these roles and permissions is crucial for effective management and operation within the 2.0 platform.


Portal User

Access Permissions:
- Dashboard Access: Portal Users have viewer-only access to the dashboard.
- Alerts: Portal Users can view alerts within the portal but cannot respond to or resolve them.

Ideal for:
Individuals who need to monitor data and alerts but do not require interaction capabilities.



Access Permissions:
- Alert Management: Responders can respond to and resolve alerts exclusively through the React Mobile Hospitality 2.0 application.

Ideal for:
On-the-ground staff who need to manage alerts on the go without access to the full dashboard functionalities.



Access Permissions:
- Application Access: Like Responders, Installers can respond to and resolve alerts through the RMH application.
- Beacon Management: Installers have additional capabilities to view, register, replace, and delete beacons within the RMH application.

Ideal for:
Technical staff responsible for the maintenance and setup of the system's physical components, such as beacons.



Access Permissions:
- Dashboard Access: Dispatchers have access to the dashboard and can perform all actions related to alert management.
- Alert Management: They can respond to and resolve alerts both through the portal and the smart device application.

Ideal for:
Agents/Staff members who oversee alert responses and require comprehensive access to both the portal and application for managing alerts effectively.



Access Permissions:
- Full System Access: Admins have unrestricted access to all system functionalities. This includes adding and removing users and devices, along with managing settings and configurations for the entire 2.0 platform.

Ideal for:
System administrators who are responsible for managing the overall system settings, user permissions, and operational integrity.


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Navigating the System

Each role is designed to fit specific operational needs within the React Mobile 2.0 Safety System. Users should log in through the 2.0 portal or application to access their respective functionalities based on the permissions outlined above. If you are unsure how to log in and/or gain access to these functionalities, this article shows How to add a new user and/or Edit the user role type for an existing user if you are already registered as the "Admin" Role type.

For any further information or support, please send us an email at support@reactmobile.com or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

This article ensures that all users understand their roles and responsibilities, facilitating a smooth and effective operation within the platform.

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