How to respond to an alert via React Mobile Management Portal?

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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When an alert is initiated, all users logged into to React Mobile Portal will receive visual and sound notifications. The dashboard will also display a notification box in the top right corner. When clicked on the alert notification, it will take the USER to alert details.


When the alert details window opens, you will see the Device Name, Location, Chat box, Mark Arrived, and Resolve Alert.

First, observe the alert location and dispatch the security via radio and type it in the chat box, this will change the Cellular Button flashing from only red to red and blue indicating the alert has been acknowledged, and associate the alert with the Dispatcher.


When the security confirms they arrived at the location. Click "MARK ARRIVED". This will stop the Response time to measure the correct response time.


When security confirms and handles the situation, communicate with security and click "RESOLVE ALERT". Select the appropriate incident and describe the reason for the resolution. 


Click "RESOLVE ALERT" one more time. This will clear the alert from both the Portal and the cellular button it was initiated from.

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