Replacing a Beacon With the React Mobile Hospitality Application

AJ Kayar
AJ Kayar
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In this article, you will learn how you can replace a beacon using the React Mobile Hospitality application.

  • If you have a beacon that is missing or marked "Critical" in Management Portal, you can easily use the React Mobile Hospitality application to replace the beacon with an unregistered beacon,
  • Only users with Admin and Installer roles can replace beacons.
  • The user will need an "Unregistered" beacon to replace the existing beacon.
  • Login the React Mobile Hospitality application from a smart device and login as an Admin or Installer.
  • From the bottom center of the screen, tap on the "BEACONS" tab.
  • Tap on "Show me..." and select "All beacons"
  • From the "All beacons" view, find the beacon you would like to replace
    • In the example below, the "Example" beacon is the beacon we will be replacing.
    • If a beacon is not broadcasting anymore or missing, it will not have a "-XX" value next to it.IMG_3174.jpg                   IMG_3176.jpg
  • Once you tap the beacon you would like to replace, you will see the registration details of the beacon you would like to replace. Check the details and confirm the beacon you would like to replace.
  • Bring unregistered beacon near your smart device and tap "REPLACE BEACON". The app will start scanning for nearby unregistered beacons.
  • The beacon closest to your smart device will appear on top of the list (see picture below). Tap on the closest beacon in your list.

              IMG_3177.jpg                   IMG_3178.jpg  

  • You will receive a prompt that the beacon you selected from the list (E5:5B:4D:2F:3B:6C) will replace the existing beacon (F8:9D:59:6D:C4:3D). Tap REPLACE and the new beacon will get all the registration details from the previous beacon and the previous beacon will become unregistered.


  • Install the new beacon in the same location where the previous beacon was. (I.e under the sink, inside the closet, next to fire alarm... )

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