Can I change the batteries in the Estimote beacons?

Tyson Paxton
Tyson Paxton
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It is technically possible to replace 2 AA batteries in the beacon. However, the following steps are tedious and it is advised you replace the whole beacon.

You will need 2 AA batteries and a double-sided (preferably 3M) tape for each beacon.


Locate the beacon in the room. You can check the actual location of the beacon for each room in the Customer Portal.



Remove the beacon from the location it's installed. (If you can remove the beacon with the tape (depending on the condition) you can reuse the tape but it's best if you use a new one to be safe.)



Remove the old batteries carefully without damaging the board or the parts that hold the batteries. (This can be done without removing the rubber cover or pulling the board out.)



Put the new batteries in.


Attach new adhesive (double-sided tape) to beacons.

Place the beacon back in the original location.




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