Understanding the types of beacons

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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There are five distinct beacon types that may be seen at a React Mobile installation, beginning with the oldest.

  1. Estimote beacons
    Geometrical/angled shape, soft rubber enclosure, remove to reveal AAA batteries.
    Beacon identifiers look like 00112233445577889900112233445566.
  2. Carfit beacons
    Circular, black, about ½ inch thick by 2 inches across or about 10 mm thick by about 50 mm.
    Beacon identifiers look like 00:11:22:33:44:55.
  3. React Mobile beacons
    Rectangular, white, slightly larger than Carfit beacons.
    Beacon identifiers look like 00:11:22:33:44:55.
  4. React Mobile v2 beacons
    Circular, ¾ inch thick by 1 ¼ inch across, or about 15 mm by 35mm.
    Beacon identifiers look like 00:11:22:33:44:55.
  5. Apple iBeacon compatible equipment
    Varied appearance depends on which equipment is being used. WiFi routers by Aruba, Ruckus, and Meraki as well as smart thermostats may have iBeacon compatibility. Enable the iBeacon mode on one set of devices, ensure that they each have the same Proximity UUID value but distinct pairs of Major and Minor values.
    Beacon identifiers look like 00112233445577889900112233445566:00000:00001

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