How to Perform a Device Health Check with Cellular Buttons

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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To quickly assess the battery level and network coverage where you are, simply tap the button one time. This also updates the “last check-in” time in the Portal.

Battery level (light shows green/yellow/red one time)

After tapping the button one time, the device shows its battery level first. This is indicated by a red, yellow, or green color. Green represents more than 40% charge remaining. Yellow is more than 20% but less than 40%. Red represents a 20% charge or less. The battery lasts about 14 days under normal usage. Repeated alerting for test purposes and storage/charging in low LTE areas will drain the battery a little faster.

Network coverage (light flashes cyan one to four times)

After showing the battery level, the button shows the signal strength to the nearest network attachment point: the nearest cellular tower. The cyan light flashes once per “bar” of coverage. Four blinks indicate four bars.

Updating firmware (light flashes green)

The panic button checks in to register its battery state every hour. At that time, the service compares the button’s firmware version against a selection for the property. If the current version does not match the Portal selection, the button downloads the correct firmware and installs it. During this process, the light flashes bright green. This can take about fifteen minutes.

During a firmware update, the button works exactly as you would expect. Starting an alert immediately cancels the firmware upgrade.

NOTE: For a button to have "Healthy" status in Portal, it has to have:

  • Latest Firmware
  • Over 40% battery
  • Last Check-In within 3 hours.

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