Sending an Alert with the Mobile App

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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An alert is an event that starts a process of getting help to your location.

To trigger an alert with only the app, find the “Home” tab at the bottom of the screen, and tap “Send Alert”.

The screen will change to show that the alert is being sent.

If you are near a Portal user or a Responder device, you will hear and see the notification within a few seconds. Actual speed is determined by your internet connection.

When a Responder agrees to help, the screen will change to show that help is on the way.

When a Responder arrives, the total length of the time to respond is measured and recorded. In the Portal dashboard, there is a response time indicator that can be used to build standard operating procedures. Knowing the average response time means once the screen says help is on the way, you know about how long you’ll need to wait.

Practice makes perfect! Practice once a day if you can, and once a week at least.

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