Getting Started / Access to Mobile Apps as a User

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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All Users can use React Mobile Hospitality application to send alerts from the home screen.

Users with select roles such as Admin, Installer, Dispatcher, and Responder can RESPOND to the alerts via Mobile Application.

To access the React Mobile Hospitality Application, you should be added to the React Mobile Management Portal. If you are not a USER, please ask an ADMIN to be added to the Portal. (See How to Add/Edit/Remove Users)


Once you are added to the Portal, download the React Mobile Hospitality application:

When you first download the app you will see Enrollment Code, Password, and Device Name screen. IGNORE THIS SCREEN and:

  • Scan the USERS -> ENABLE APP LOGIN QR code again
  • Tap the logo above REACT MOBILE


This will take you to the new 2.0 login screen. On this screen, Use the e-mail address that was added to the Portal and follow the steps to log in.



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