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Support Team - Tier 1
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React Mobile prefers to use BT Low Energy (BLE) beacons for indoor positioning. There are two major ways to provide beacon locations: install battery-powered beacons into each room or connect existing devices with Apple iBeacon functionality already present in each room such as guest Wi-Fi routers by Aruba, Meraki, or Ruckus or smart thermostats by Interel. Beacons send an ultra-low-energy transmission twice each second with nothing but an identifier number. Our portal allows you to register each beacon with a room number, floor, and installation location.

Click “Beacons” in the navigation bar to examine the beacons on your property. Note that some properties rely solely on GPS or housekeeping software to provide user location during an alert, so those properties will not have registered beacons.



Click on a beacon to see its details. From the detail pane, you can edit the floor and room information or delete the beacon. Please take caution as deleting beacons will impair the ability of your people to respond! Beacons provide the names of locations within your property, so removing them is never advised.




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