LED Color Key for Bluetooth Sidekick Panic Buttons

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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Idle + Green Flicker Each Minute - Normal operation and device is paired

Flickering Blue and Green - Firmware updating

Rapidly Flashing Green - Not paired (flashing lasts ~30 seconds)

Slow Flashing Blue and Green - Sidekick is being "Located" by device

Device health check -
Press the button one time

Cyan - Sidekick is paired to a smart device and smart device is within range 
Purple - Sidekick is not paired to a smart device OR smart device is not in range

Alert status -
Press the button 3 times quickly or press and hold the button down for 3 seconds

Flashing White - Device is trying to initiate an alert via Smart Device
Flashing Red - Alert has been sent
Flashing Red and Blue - Help is on the way
Solid Green (3s) - Alert has been resolved

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