Registering an Alert Source

Support Team - Tier 1
Support Team - Tier 1
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An Alert Source is a smart device configured to send alerts from the React Mobile Hospitality application. An Alert Source cannot respond to or communicate through the app; they can only fire alerts to call for help during an emergency. The device will be paired to a Bluetooth Panic Button (Sidekick) to send alerts remotely, without having to open the device to locate the app.

  • Login to the Customer Portal with Admin access.
  • Navigate to the Devices screen.
  • Click on “Register Devices” near the top right corner of the screen – a QR code will pop-up. Scan the QR code from the device camera.
    • This code is only valid for 10 minutes. Just close the window and click on “Register Devices” again to refresh the code.
    • Android requires a QR scanning app for this purpose.
  • From the React Mobile app "Home" screen, tap on "Scan QR Code." Aim the device at the QR code and once it is scanned, the app will ask you to "Add alert source name." This is the Device Name and will appear in an active alert. Tap to edit the device name if necessary, then press "Save Changes."
  • The "Home" screen will now indicate "Send Alert," as an alert may be initiated directly from the app. To Pair a Bluetooth Panic Button so the alert may be triggered remotely, tap on the "Pair" icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Bring the Sidekick close to the smart device, then tap on "Pair a Button." Answer “Yes” to Location On Always or While Using Device, and “Yes” to Allow Access to Bluetooth. The app will indicate "Scanning...Connecting..."
  • Once connected, the Sidekick will flash a solid green light for one second. The app now displays options to "Disconnect" or "Locate Button."
  • The Alert Source may now be viewed, edited  and deleted in the Customer Portal.

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For assistance with setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting the Sidekick, see Bluetooth Sidekick Panic Button Operations Guide.

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